Transfer Money 4u is a new business focused on small payment services between UK and China. We offer highly competitive rates, no hidden fees, fast and easy to use. Our services are include: Alipay top up, buying from UK online store, international payments services, such as overseas school fees, rental income repatriation. Transfer Money 4u is a secure payment service company, it is registered with HM Revenue & Customs as a Money Laundering Registration Number 12710072. And we are regulated by Financial Services Authority as a small PI (FCA register reference no.597818). How we work Transfer Money 4u is a new business focus on payment service and money transfer, which is located in Edinburgh. Low cost: Competitive pricing that often costs less than our competitors. Quick: Customers can usually receive money within ten minutes. Reliable: Our service is safe, secure and guaranteed. Read more: How we work Our services Money Transfer Send money to China or to UK at competitive rates and low fees. Transfer Money 4u offers a secure and easy solution for your money transfer needs between UK and China. Whether you need to transfer money to purchase property abroad, you are planning to move overseas or have regular commitments in your home country, with us you can transfer money to UK or China and get great rates and outstanding customer service. 中国汇款到英国